Our Training Offer

Our offer aims to meet the expectations of students, their families and the social and business environment, offering an integral education from ESO, through high school, to VET, promoting personalized attention, new learning methodologies and encouraging the internationalization of our students.




Peñas Negras

The students of 4ºC and 4ºD of ESO enjoy a day in the environmental classroom of Peñas Negras, in the... Leer más



Museum of Berets

The  3ºB and 3ºC groups of ESO visit the Museum of Berets in... Leer más



Peñas Negras

The students of 4ºA, 4ºB and 4ºDC of ESO enjoy a day in the environmental classroom of Peñas Negras, in the... Leer más



Peñas Negras

El alumnado de 1º y 2º de Educación y Control Ambiental disfruta de una jornada en el aula de interpretación de la... Leer más



Branding Day

1st and 2nd year Marketing and Advertising students attend a new edition of the "Branding Day" held in... Leer más

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    Profesional employment training

    We present our totally free courses, addressed primarily to ACTIVE WORKERS, but with places also for UNEMPLOYED workers, of the TRAINING PLAN FOR EMPLOYMENT of LANBIDE.

    Wide training offer for active workers and unemployed people that aims to respond to market needs. We have the latest technologies and the most qualified professionals who are in direct contact with the business and industrial world.

    Our Values

    Our integral and people-centred educational project is based on these three main pillars:

    Employment Access Center

    The Employment Access Center (CAE) is the area for employment intermediation. The CAE offers and manages job offers for all the people registered in its job bank.
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    El Centro de Formación Somorrostro; como institución formativa, ha evidenciado ser una agente determinante en la formación de las personas, tanto en competencias profesionales como en valores humanistas universales.

    Gualber Atxurra Pérez

    Estudiar en Somorrostro hizo que adquiriera unas habilidades personales y valores humanos imprescindibles en la vida laboral.

    Iván Miñambres