As a diocesan center, we are committed to the Christian education of our students.

We respect the freedom of our families and the maturation process of our diverse student body.

That is why our pastoral offers spaces to experience the values and experiences which we consider fundamental in the learning process. Values such as justice and commitment. And experiences such as group experiences of a healthy free time in nature, the encounter with oneself, interiority, and the capacity for transcendence.

We call these spaces projects.

The students can participate in these projects on a voluntary basis:

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Gazte taldeak

Gazte Taldeak, are our Christian leisure groups. It is a process of Christian initiation (from 1st of ESO to 2nd of Bachillerato) in which this lifestyle is discovered through games, group dynamics, weekend retreats…

Through this video, the real Gazte Taldeak tell us what they are:


Fair Trade

The Fair Trade project aims to bring the values of an alternative market to the one we know. For this purpose:

  • SENSITIZES: presenting the principles of fair trade and explaining its philosophy. The awareness team, through campaigns, proposes a more conscious and ethical consumption.
  • COMMITS: it helps us to make the commitment, managing a post between teachers and students, in which we can buy products on a weekly basis.

Learning & Service

In the religion subject in Bachiller, we work with this methodology which has also been extended to the VET level.

We like to feel that what we learn is linked to the reality around us. That it makes sense, and is worth something.

These projects help us to see this become a reality. We put our knowledge at the service of the community. We can contribute so much!

Here are some examples of the mobilisation of our students:


Disdirak, or ” sparks “. Sparks, of what?. Sparks of awareness, and of involvement.

Why Disdirak? what for? with whom? We call it that because it is a series of specific contacts with excluded realities, or with organisations that work to generate a change in the concrete realities of our closest environment.

These “flashes” are aimed at our more adult students who, generally speaking, have already made their choices.

Approaching an unknown reality on a one-off basis can break down many of the stereotypes that are passed on to us and make us well informed, critical and constantly growing.

Some of our disdirak come from Bidesari, Misiones Diocesanas, Kaledor Kayico,…

Bultzapen ONGD

Through Bultzapen we channel our international cooperation initiatives. A space that allows us to relate with others and other people, cultures, etc through projects.


There are special moments throughout the year that we like to celebrate together. We gather to share in Christmas, Lent, and the end of the school year, to give thanks.

It is important to stop and think about what is behind some moments because as well as helping us to live each moment consciously, it connects us with others and with ourselves.


We are aware that we cannot go “our own way” in this matter of transforming reality.

If we want our ministry to be a link between our centre and reality, we can only do so by being in permanent contact with that reality and its social agents.

We are members of:

  • Consejo Parroquial de Muskiz
  • Coordinadora de Juventud de Zona Minera
  • Consejo de Unidad Pastoral de Zona Minera
  • Arregialde
  • Red de Jóvenes
  • Centros Diocesanos

And the following are involved in our projects::