The canteen service is managed by the company “GASCA” based in Arrigorriaga. Thanks to the works of the new kitchen of the Centre, from the 2018/2019 academic year the food is made “in situ”.


We have a daily dining service for the students of the ESO supervised by a team of instructors who watch over the organization and good functioning of this service. They also supervise that the students make good use of the daily meal. Quarterly reports are sent to the families and any incident is communicated to them at the moment it occurs.

The responsibility for this service lies within the ESO Pedagogical Coordination


  • ESO: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 13:10 to 14:40

Each year there are more than 250 ESO students who use this service.

After lunch there is a break time which is assisted by the instructors.

If you want more information about the menu offered by  GASCA, you can download it from this link: