School transport

School transport in the Centre is provided by the  Autobuses SIMÓN and Autobuses VIGIOLA companies.

The responsibles of the centre are: Jon Ander Pikaza and Joseba Pascual

Currently, the number of students using this transport service exceeds 500 people.

The movement of students from their homes to the CENTRE and vice versa is considered a school period. Therefore, the time spent on the school transport coaches is subject to the same regulations as the time spent in the CENTRE during school hours.


The following areas are covered:

Margen Izquierda and Zona Minera
Hoja de información transporte escolar ESO

Hoja de información transporte escolar ESPO

¡Ahora ven en METRO!*

If you live in a town with a metro line, coming to Somorrostro will be cheaper. We offer you a mixed school transport option, METRO + LANZADERA at a special price for our students.

This shuttle service will connect Santurtzi -the last stop of Metro Bilbao- with Centro Formación Somorrostro.

With this option you will save more than 20% in the transport. 

PRICE of the LANZADERA from SANTURTZI (The park)

Bachiller & 1º FP: 571,20 €

2º FP: 362.10 €


Price for 1 zone: 210,15 €

Price for 2 zones: 243,45 €

Price for 3 zones: 280.80 €

Offer features

Payment in monthly instalments
Offer valid for persons under 26
Metro ticket valid for 1 full year with unlimited trips in selected zone(s)
10% discount on the official metro pass fare for the school’s students
Large Family Discounts
Management of passes from the Centre

You can find all the information in our secretary’s office tel. 94 670 60 45

* this offer is valid for BACHILLERATO and FP

** thanks to the agreement between METRO BILBAO and our Centre

You can find all the information in our secretary’s office (tel. 94 670 60 45) or through the following form:

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