University Access Examination (Selectividad) 2021

We already have the exam board in which our students will be assessed for the University Access Examination (EBAU) 2021. Remember:

Place of Exam: BEC (Barakaldo) – Pabellón 2

Tribunal: Nº 11

Time of meeting 1st Day (Tuesday 8): 8:00 in the principal entrance of BEC



  • You must carry the proof that you are enrolled in the test printed out and on your mobile phone. This is not the payment receipt, it is a receipt that you can download from Sarbidea when you enter the test in viewing mode.
  • Obligatory to have the DNI
  • At the presentation session, instructions will be given on how to carry out the examination and students will be given the code sheet. You must check that the registration details are correct. If there is any difference between the registration receipt and the code sheet, you must inform the examining board during the first break period.
  • The students that will not do Euskera exam must go to the tribunal to pick up their code sheet half an hour before the first exam.
  • The students who will examin from Dibujo Técnico must bring the necessary material: Pencil, Square, Bevel and Compass.
  • Do not forget the Calculator  for those exams where its use is permitted
  • It is compulsory to wear a face mask and bring a spare one.



All the info:



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