Urratsak Eginez 2023: the most emotional end of the year

On Friday 19 May, the Barakaldo Theatre hosted the gala ceremony for the awarding of the Diplomas to the second-year Bachiller students of the school. An emotional event that about 180 students attended accompanied by their closest relatives.

The gala was presented by Jon Lago, a teacher at the school, and Izaro Dañobeitia, a second-year student, with performances by three first-year Bachiller students, Maitane Ochoa, who opened the gala with her oboe, the dancer Uxue Múgica and the singer Aimar Lavín.

The event has a very special character for the students as the awarding of the orlas highlights the importance of their daily effort and the work they have done over the last two years, in short, it becomes a recognition full of emotions and enthusiasm.

The gala was continued in the street where the students took the opportunity to take lots of photos with their classmates, teachers and families to make such a special moment unforgettable.

 You can find more pictures of the gala on the following link



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