No one is ilegal

The 10th meeting of the Alboan Youth Network took place in Loiola on 13 and 14 May, with the participation of several representatives of the VET volunteering team from our school.


Last weekend, Gazte Sarea from Alboan  brought together young people from different backgrounds with the aim of delving into the harsh reality of migration. Through an immersive experience in Loiola, we have been able to get closer to what it means to leave everything behind, to say goodbye, to leave your life and to embark on an uncertain path in search of a life with rights.

Apart from games and dynamics, we have been lucky enough to listen to testimonies of people who have migrated. Heartbreaking stories for the harshness and for the injustice behind them.

The meeting concluded with a reflection on our origins, with all of us discovering ourselves as migrants. We have learned about experiences of welcome, which give us a lot of light on how to get out of this unjust reality of prejudice and borders. Eskerrik asko Alboan and Gazte Sarea for always opening our minds and hearts and bringing us closer to constructive paths of transformation and justice.

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