Young scientists

Our 2nd B ESO students have presented the #STEAM projects (Solar Fridge and Allelopathic Cupboard) with which they are going to participate in the Zientzia Azoka 2021 organised by the Elhuyar Foundation. During the presentation, the students explained their projects to their classmates and were attended by the Councillor for the Environment and the Environment Technician of Muskiz Town Council, as well as a representative of the NGO Hahatay son risas de Gandiol, all with the aim of making these projects known to different social agents.

Great work that our kids are doing, original and innovative, and we are sure that both projects will be very popular at the next Zientzia Azoka.

In the following videos you can see a summary of each project:

Hozkailu jasangarria

Armairu alelopatikoa

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