6th edition of the Jazotakoa Jaso Awards

Somorrostro was once again the host centre for the Jazotakoa jaso awards gala, which this year reached its sixth edition. The event was broadcast live from the website of the Bishopric of Bilbao thanks to the work of the students and teachers of the telecommunications cycles of the centre. On this occasion, the theme proposed by the Bureau of Cultural Entities responsible for the competition was music, dances and religious festivities in the municipalities where the diocesan centres (EBI) are located.

The gala, directed by Javier Onaindia, director of Radio Popular and presided over by the bishop of Bilbao, Monsignor Segura, was attended by a guest of honour, the trikitilari Agus Barandiaran. The diocesan bishop praised the involvement of the students of the Somorrostro training centre and the Mesa de Entidades Culturales in the organisation of the event and highlighted how this competition promotes the value of teamwork.

The prize for the best video clip this year went to the students of Patronato Santa Eulalia Ikastetxea in Santurtzi, while the prize for the best high school video clip went to Centro Formación Somorrostro for the video entitled “San Juan jaia: erlijioaren ekarpen kulturalaren sua piztuz” .


You can re-watch the whole gala at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/live/QDW_wgLLrB4?feature=share


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