A Somorrostro project wins international prize for Educational Innovation

The project “BucovIA: Artificial intelligence tool to detect signs of bullying in the classroom” has been recognised as the Winner in the educational innovation section. This project, led by our teacher Jon Barrueco, involves Somorrostro, the Nazaret school in Donostia and the Zabalburu school in Bilbao.


The project is based on the use of Artificial Intelligence as a key technology to detect cases of bullying. It has worked on the development of algorithms to identify the roles of Bully, Victim and Observer, analysis of scientific tests for the detection of bullying, selection of questions and elaboration of the BucovIA test (self-defined test).


A total of 728 innovation projects from more than 20 countries have participated in this 16th edition of the Quality Innovation Awards. The awards ceremony will be held on 23 February in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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