Prize in the audiovisual project competition “VET LEADS PREVENTION”

In the framework of the European Week of Vocational Training, the EU-OSHA, through the National Institute of Safety and Health at Work (INSST), invited all the Vocational Training Centres to participate in the 1st “Vocational Training: lead prevention!” day with the aim of showing preventive audiovisual content made by and for the Vocational Training students.


Our students in the 1st and 2nd year of the Professional Risk Prevention (PR3) cycle presented three videos to this first call. One of them, “The incident 2“, was awarded as one of the best at state level, highlighting its creativity, originality and preventive content. In this edition, more than 90 audiovisual works with preventive content were produced by vocational training students. The success of this call reveals a great motivation for Prevention among students and teachers.


Congratulations team!!!

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