EK Somorrostro presented to the residents of Muskiz

The first Local Energy Community in the Basque Country generated in the educational environment, the “TEK Somorrostro“, has been presented in an event held at the Meatzari Aretoa. This initiative created thanks to the collaboration between our school and EDINOR, and with the support of Muskiz town council, promotes a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper model of energy self-consumption. This network will bring together 150 families living within 500m of the centre who will be able to benefit from the photovoltaic energy that will be generated on the roof surface of our centre.

Yesterday’s event was chaired by Ainara Leiba, Mayoress of Muskiz, Javier Laiseca, Director of the Somorrostro Centre, Juan Diego, Managing Director of Edinor and Ignacio Zubia, Business Manager of Edinor. In addition to talking about the reasons that had led the three institutions to promote the project, they explained to the residents what “shared self-consumption” consisted of and the process that had to be followed to join the TEK Somorrostro community and answered any doubts that were raised.


In the near future, a form will be available for those interested to register and officially join the community.

At that point, the registration fee will be €150. It can be paid in up to three instalments and if the registered person leaves the community during the first two years, half of the fee will be refunded.

 25% of the energy consumed will come from the solar panels and the rest will come from the electricity grid and will be totally renewable.

A monthly fee of 9€ per month will be paid for the connection to the solar panels, which will include the maintenance of the panels, insurance, etc.

The rest of the bill will come from a distributor, which will be chosen annually by the community from the 2 best offers available on the market. The fact of negotiating the prices not individually but as a community will allow lower costs.

The overall calculation will enable families to save between 20 and 25% on their electricity bills.

Using an APP, they will be able to see at all times whether they are optimising their consumption from the solar panels and thus manage it more appropriately.

 There is no need for any installation in the homes, everything is done “virtually”.


For more information you can go to: www.teksomorrostro.eus


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