Promoting collaboration with the surrounding industrial fabric in the field of 5G

The Telecommunications Department at Somorrostro Training Centre continues to consolidate its commitment to research and application of 5G technology. With several years of experience dedicated to pioneering projects, such as the development of technologies for the connected and autonomous car using 5G, as well as 5G satellite communications in collaboration with educational centres in other autonomous communities and leading companies such as Sateliot, Somorrostro has become a benchmark in the field.

One of Somorrostro’s most recent achievements is the implementation of a 5G mobile lab, which serves as a dynamic, hands-on space for research and experimentation with the capabilities of this cutting-edge technology.

Companies in the technology sector, such as Germany’s Gosmart, through its integrator in Spain, Rakomm, are recognising Somorrostro’s essential role in 5G technology development and training. Gosmart has actively sought Somorrostro’s expertise and advice to strengthen its understanding and application of 5G technology in its operations.

This recognition not only highlights Somorrostro’s commitment to innovation, but also its ability to provide specialist training and advice to companies looking to make the most of the opportunities offered by 5G in the business environment.

The collaboration between Somorrostro and companies such as Gosmart demonstrates the tangible impact that education and research can have on the development and successful adoption of emerging technologies. Somorrostro is not only leading the way into the future of telecommunications but is also playing a crucial role in empowering professionals and businesses to make the most of the possibilities offered by 5G.

This initiative not only strengthens Somorrostro’s position as a reference centre in the educational field, but also contributes significantly to the development and growth of the local and global industrial fabric.

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