The 21-22 academic year has already started

With the presentation of the Basic VET students last Thursday 16th, all the levels of the Centre are already up and running. This year there are more than 2110 students enrolled in formal education in Somorrostro.

Distributed by sections, we find 439 students in ESO, 384 in Bachillerato and nearly 1300 enrolled in VET, distributed in 447 in Intermediate Grade, 734 in Higher Grade and more than 110 in Basic VET.

More than 700 of these students are new to the centre and many of them, although they continue their studies in Somorrostro, are changing this year of stage and therefore, of teachers, subjects/modules, etc. We hope that this year will meet the expectations of all of them and that little by little we can return to the much-desired normality.


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