8 students from Bachiller participate in the Global Classroom 2021 conference

The appointment was last year in Germany, but the pandemic did not allow this group of high school students to participate in a new edition of the GLOBAL CLASSROOM conference. This year they are going to do it, but “On Line” and with the theme “The crisis causes changes” as the main subject of the conference, in which our 8 second year students are going to be able to work with young people from the five continents.

Alane Mendikoetxea, David Reina, Sergio Lusa, Álvaro Martin, Lucía Fuste, June laza, Álvaro Calle and Maitane García, will soon have online contacts to break the ice and work in different groups on the main theme and get to know each other. At the end of these, there will be a global meeting that will last two days..

In addition to the group work, fun activities are being prepared to give them the opportunity to talk online. It is not the best way to carry out the project, but a big effort is being made to keep the essence of the conference: to meet different people, cultures, places, religions, opinions… and to learn from each of them, respecting, valuing and living different realities that will help them become resolute, critical, autonomous, free and prejudices-free WOMEN AND MEN.

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