Basque Award for Excellence in the Strategy Element

Somorrostro Training Centre has won the Basque Award for Advanced Management in the Strategy element. This award recognises the most advanced organisations in their management practices and which seek the balanced satisfaction of all their stakeholders, customers, employees, shareholders and society in general.

After EUSKALIT awarded the centre the Gold A in recognition of Advanced Management in 2020, and in 2021 awarded it the prize in the Society element, this year the EUSKALIT evaluation team has unanimously decided to award us the Basque Award for Excellence in the Strategy element for our practice: “SOMOsROSTROs: a Strategy for the Cultural Transformation of Organisations”.

These Basque Government awards are achieved by those companies, education centres, health centres and other organisations in the Basque Country that demonstrate a certain level of development or progress in their management practices. EUSKALIT is the entity in charge of administering these awards.

The purpose of these awards is twofold:

+To identify the most advanced organisations in management so that they can serve as a stimulus and reference for others.
+To publicly recognise the efforts made by these organisations and the degree of progress they have achieved in their management.

This award will be presented on 14 December at 18:30 at the Kursaal centre in Donostia-San Sebastián.

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