Access exams for Training Courses

From February 3 to 16 2021, you will be able to register for the 2021/2022 academic year entry exams.

These tests are intended to give those who cannot access the courses directly because they do not have the required academic qualifications an opportunity to do so. It is not permitted to register for admission exams in more than one Autonomous Community in the same academic year. If the number of people registered is greater than the number of places, criteria will be applied to select the people admitted to the exam.

In order to attend the admission test for Intermediate VET Cycles, students must be at least seventeen years old in the year in which the test is held and nineteen years old for the admission test for Higher VET Cycles.


THE DATES OF THE EXAMS (Each person in the assigned examination centre, published on 31 March 2021) are  21 and 22 of April:


21 of April 2021 at 16:00

      • Intermediate VET: Linguistic part
      • Higher VET: Common part

22 of April 2021 at 16:00

      • Intermediate VET: Scientific-technological part and social part
      • Higher VET: Specific part


Provisional RESULTS will be published on 18 May 2021.

You can find all the information, contents, requirements, scales, etc:



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