Youth and experience come together for a day of fun and dialogue in Muskiz

This has been the second edition of Intercenter Action that has been carried out by the hand of BizkaiaGara, in collaboration with EGK and the City of Muskiz, and in which the students of the Somorrostro and San Viator Training Center have participated.


An emotional day of fun between generations took place last December 20 in Muskiz, thanks to the II Intercenter Action. Students from Somorrostro Training Center and San Viator School joined together to share a morning full of connection and joy with the elderly of the town.

Meatzari Square became the perfect setting for this gathering, where young people spent time talking, playing games and bonding with the elderly. There were a variety of activities such as board games, a lively ping-pong championship, live music and even an entertaining bingo.

In addition, the students’ commitment extended to the Muskiz Day Center, where another group of young people came to share special moments with the elderly. Beyond the fun, spaces for dialogue were created where they exchanged experiences, emotions, desires and concerns. This interaction highlighted the deep connection between both groups, often marginalized by society, demonstrating the importance of these intergenerational ties.

The day culminated with a moving choir that performed Christmas carols, adding a festive and supportive touch to this enriching experience.

The main objectives of the Intercenter Action are not only to make known the diverse realities of the students, strengthening links and promoting connection, but also to create a space outside the school environment. It seeks to promote youth participation in the locality, involving various agents and groups, where the students themselves are active protagonists of this joint initiative.

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