Students from the Mondragon Unibertsitatea Degree in Mechatronics Engineering develop a machine for manufacturing springs in our Centre’s laboratories

The students of the Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, who are in the second semester of the second year at the Somorrostro Centre, have started to manufacture a prototype for the production of springs of different sizes.

This is a project that has been carried out over the course of the year, divided into two phases:

  • First semester: design of the prototype from scratch
  • Second semester: manufacture, assembly and commissioning.

It is a complete and complex project, which brings together throughout the course the design and manufacture of its own parts, welding joints, selection of commercial elements, design of electrical and control panels, integration with automatons, analysis of CE marking and machine safety, among other aspects.

The collaboration between Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Somorrostro for the teaching of the Degree in Mechatronics Engineering in Bizkaia began in the 2020/21 academic year. This degree is designed so that both students coming directly from high school and students coming from vocational training can continue their education at university level, studying an engineering speciality with a high level of employability in a practical and innovative way.


Studies with a high employability rate

According to the report published in mid-May by U-Ranking (carried out by BBVA and Ivie), Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s engineering degrees have the highest employability rate among those offered in the Basque Country and rank 5th in Spain.


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