SIEMENS GAMESA is looking for workers among our students.

On 15 September, Siemens Gamesa representatives came to the Somorrostro Training Centre to share with the 1st and 2nd year students of the Renewable Energies, Mechatronics and Electrotechnical and Automated Systems higher degree courses, the possibilities of working with them in the areas of set up and maintenance of wind farms.


We had the pleasure of receiving Luis Mari de la Maza, head of training at Siemens Gamesa, Miguel Ángel Veliz, head of resource management for the maintenance and commissioning areas, Bartolomé Rubio, head of wind farm commissioning and Diego Viana, equipment manager for the commissioning area.

The talk focused on defining the types of work to be carried out by workers in these two areas, both at the level of mechanical, electrical and control assembly of a wind turbine, and on defining the necessary skills that a worker should have.

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