With the aim of enhancing both the language skills and social skills of students, Somorrostro promotes various projects and partnerships for international mobility.

The contact person for these programs is Amaia Hernández (amaia.hernandez@somorrostro.com)

Language Immersion Program

Once again, students in the 1st year of Bachillerato will be able to take part in a linguistic and cultural immersion program that CF Somorrostro carries out every year with different countries. The objective of this experience is to promote the interrelationship between students and teachers of these countries.

Previous groups have carried out student exchanges with Sweden, Slovenia and Denmark. This year we will visit Denmark for 7 days, during which the students will have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate its cities, cultures, history, and to improve their language skills.

Individual exchange

Two students from the first year of Bachiller will have the opportunity to study for one month in a foreign country (Sweden and Denmark).

After that, these students will receive as an exchange, the students who received them during the same period of time.

Global Classroom


After last year’s experience in Cape Town (South Africa), the 1st year students of Bachiller will again participate in the International Project “GLOBAL CLASSROOM” in which Somorrostro is involved.

This experience aims to promote the interaction between students and teachers from several countries: Australia, South Africa, USA, Sweden, Scotland, the Czech Republic and Germany. Each center will work on different cultural and social aspects throughout the school year and then put them together in an international meeting focusing on “Ideas that change the world”.

The conference will take place in Diepholz (Germany) at the end of June and will last approximately 10/15 days, during which activities will be carried out to allow the students to get closer and get to know the different socio-cultural realities of the participating countries.


Students from 1º year of bachillerato study abroad


During the 19/20 academic year, seven students from ESO and Bachillerato have studied in different English-speaking countries (England, Ireland and Canada) in two modalities: the entire academic year or the first trimester only.


Since 1996, CFSomorrostro has been carrying out a European project for the 2nd year students of Bachiller. This project consists of a trip to London with the objective of improving the linguistic abilities of the students and extending their cultural knowledge and expressions.

The trip takes place at the end of November. The reason for this date is that we consider that once the first evaluation is finished, the evolution of the academic year is interrupted as little as possible.