The general competence of this Degree consists of applying cleaning techniques, changing hair form and color, as well as basic make-up, hair removal, manicure, and pedicure techniques. Students will assist clients, operate with quality, observe the labor risk prevention regulations, protect the environment, and communicate in oral and written form in Spanish, the co-official language (Basque), and a foreign language.

> Syllabus

First year
Second year
Professional Environmental Training
Mechanical hair removal and discoloration of superfluous hairs
Basic aesthetic nail treatments
Customer Service
Iniciación a los procesos de cambio de imagen
Hair-washing and form changing
Corte básico del cabello
Applied Sciences II
Applied Sciences I
Communication and Society II
Communication and Society I
Professional Training and Guidance
Tutoring and Guidance I
On the Job Training
Tutoring and Guidance II

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